Vision and Philosophy

Hunted Hive believes in a better world where the digital, the social and the physical are seamless.

Our Team

Nathan Keilar

Founder, Director, Chief Technical Officer

Nathan is the Founder, Director and Chief Technical Officer at the Hunted Hive. He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Micro Electrical Engineering, and Honours in Computer Science from Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia.

Bec Todd

UI Designer, UX Designer, Digital Artist

Bec is a Senior Designer, Digital Artist, and one of our resident User Interface and User Experience Designers. She also works with augmented and virtual realities at the Hunted Hive.

Welby Jennings

Graphic Designer, Responsive Web Developer, Online Marketing Specialist

For more than 10 years, Welby has been creating branding design and visual communication for print and digital media, in the Australian graphic design industry.

Sergey Prymak

Software Engineer, Front-end and Back-end Python Developer

Sergey is a Back-end and Front-end Python Developer, and Software Engineer working with Hunted Hive. He graduated from Vocational Technical High School for Instrumentation Engineering in 1998 with a specialist degree.

Anna Kosal

I.T. Project Manager

Anna is currently the I.T. Project Manager for the Hunted Hive Digital Solutions and is a highly organised (and much loved) member of the team. Anna started in the Hunted Hive’s Brisbane based office in early 2014.

Adam Rugała

Software Engineer, Python Developer, Project Manager

Adam is a Software Engineer and, on occasion, a Project Manager at the Hunted Hive. Adam graduated with distinction from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, Poland.

Kseniya Kuprina

Front-end Developer, Responsive Web Developer

Kseniya is responsible for designing the visual front-end of client websites. She has become especially talented at taking flat design concepts and turning them into fully functioning responsive websites.

Martin Rusis

Content Writer & Editor

As content writer and editor, Martin makes sure everything sounds just like it should. An experienced publishing professional, he holds several corporate appointments and a degree from the Queensland University of Technology.

Our Process

Hunted Hive Development Process

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