What is a Technology Roadmap?

Technology roadmaps get your ideas moving. Involving your whole team, we capture input to plan your entire development project, including:

  • software requirements
  • task breakdown
  • graphical mockups
  • financial modelling

Everyone on the same page. Everything ready to go.

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What is a roadmap

What Roadmaps Include

Your Technology Roadmap package will contain all the core components detailed below.
So, what is a technology roadmap? Want to know more? Contact us.

User Personas

User Personas

User personas are profiles of the people who will use your new system: who they are, what they want, what challenges they face – and how you have the perfect solution.

When you fully understand who your user is, you can build the best product to ensure optimal user flows and user experience.

Use Cases

Use Cases

A use case lists the actions or steps a user persona would undertake to achieve their goals using your new feature or system.

From this we can develop usability tests of the most common user goals and map the real-world user flow through the system – highlighting any pain points.

Functional Description Diagrams

System Description, Features & Components

A Technology Roadmap contains a complete functional description of the system being developed, including:

  • Feature Overview - Overall linear view of all features scoped and their inclusion of the MVP.
  • System Components - The core components of the system, such as a mobile app, API, POS. The combination of system components and their interfaces comprise the entire system.
  • Required Browser & Devices - A definition of the browsers and devices that will be supported.
System Architecture

System Architecture

A conceptual model that defines the structure, behaviour, and views of a system. An architecture description is a formal description and representation of a system, organised in a way that supports reasoning about the structures and behaviours of the system.

Technology Stack

Technology Stack, Languages, Frameworks & Libraries

Hunted Hive will detail the recommended technology stack, languages, frameworks and libraries for your project. Our current stack utilises the following:

  1. Postgres
  2. Redis
  3. Python
  4. AngularJS

With provisioning in Ansible.

We also have experience with many payment gateway API integrations, including:

  1. Recurly
  2. Paypal
  3. Cheddar getter
  4. Stripe
Task Breakdown

Detailed Task Breakdown & Scope

A task breakdown is a collaborative spreadsheet that identifies all frontend and backend project components – consisting of epics (more commonly known as features) and tasks, along with their subtasks. Each task is given a description, allocated an activity type and acceptance criteria for testing purposes. Tasks are also given best- and worst-case estimates.

Project Modelling

Project Modelling

Good project modelling gives you confidence around cost and schedule estimates, while also providing transparency about what we'll need to bring your product to market. In the modelling process, the major functionality of each component is broken down into epics. Next, these epics are broken into tasks. Lastly, the tasks are broken into subtasks as required.

Project modelling includes:

  • Assumptions
  • Overall estimates
  • Estimated hours and cost per component
  • Estimated hours per epic


You'll be given a detailed development schedule that includes phase details, major milestones and sprint dates. Throughout the development phases, you'll also get regular micro-updates and testing results – generally twice a month. Theme and branding integrations are completed as they are approved and coded, as are minor bug fixes. If you get involved throughout the reviewing and testing process, you'll greatly improve your end result.


Ongoing Costs & Maintenance

Please be advised that once staging and production servers have been set up and the application is running Hunted Hive will issue an Ongoing Maintenance and Support Proposal. This will give you plenty of time to make a decision about how you would like to transition the developed works after the development proposal concludes.

Agile Methodology

Hive Agile Methodology & Continuous Deployment

Regardless of the length of sprints, we practice continuous deployment and continuous testing, this allows us to release improvements on a semi-weekly basis, while also providing you with a real product you can test and see evolve with every sprint at your leisure. Often times we release several versions a day. Deployment is separated into the following environments:

  • Development - The development environment is used internally for Hunted Hive to develop the system/project.
  • Staging - The staging environment is usually set up in the first month of development, and is a place where all parties can test the software.
  • Production - The production environment is updated once all elements have been tested and you have provided approval of staging environment.

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Benefits of a Technology Roadmap

The technology roadmap is a critical component to planning your software project, it details your project features and functions while also providing deliverable timeframes and accurate costings.

It equips you with the knowledge, backing and figures to quickly onboard stakeholders and pitch to investors. Providing a golden key to turn when you are ready to begin development.

A technology roadmap is an invaluable tool to use to pitch your project to potential investors and increase the potential for obtaining additional funding.

Clients have successfully raised an additional 500K in investment with the aid of a technology roadmap created by Hunted Hive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a roadmap take?

You can expect an average elapsed time to conduct the Technology Roadmap process of approximately 4-6 weeks. This accounts for expected transient delays in the communication between the stakeholders and Hunted Hive.

What is included?

A complete description of what is included in a technology roadmap is available here. Clients are also able to customise their roadmap plan by incorporating various roadmap add-ons as required.

Have people used these roadmaps before to raise money from grants and investors?


I'd like my idea to be private, will you sign an NDA?

Yes. It's your idea and we want to help you be successful. If you don't have one we can send an electronic version through.

How much does it cost?

It really depends on how complex your idea is and how much work must be done to minimise the risk of anything going wrong. And so the designs are done in enough detail that the development team can build it. We find that somewhere between 80 and 250 hours of work can be involved. The higher figure typically includes the optional but recommended packages, detailed interactive mockup, and detailed Software Requirements Specification. We will provide a fixed price once we understand more about your needs.

What happens after the roadmap is complete? Can you build it?

We surely can. That's our bread and butter and we totally geek out on building custom software. We have our own development team or can partner with others to pull off the implementation. We believe that the roadmap process is the ideal way for us to build confidence in each other's abilities. We are confident that you'll be happy to proceed with development on the conclusion of that. At the conclusion of the roadmap process, if we've done our job right, everyone will be agreed on the scope, schedule and budget. The team will have a detailed understanding of the product, so it's logical that we go on to build the solution at that point.

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