Why choose Hunted Hive as the right Web App Development company?

Choosing the right Web App Development company

As internet connectivity expands in speed and reach, what it can be used to achieve is expanding too. By leveraging these opportunities, custom web application development means mobile devices - phones, tablets and other smart gear - can do things that were once confined to high-end desktop computers. As the horizons expand, the potential to introduce new ideas, new products and new services expands too.

Piloting the development of a new web application through this rapidly evolving field is not easy.

To do it safely, you must find a custom web application development company that has:
  • Dedicated risk-minimisation procedures
  • A tested project management regime
  • A User Centric Design philosophy
  • A proven history of technical excellence.

You must find a web application development company like Hunted Hive. When you work with us, you bring the idea and the vision, we will bring the technological resources, the development expertise and the digital skills to partner with you to develop, build and deliver a successful product.

"The same crowd of users has evolved in parallel with the web itself and the user expectations in terms of what the applications provide to them are very demanding."

computer scientist Diego Firmenich, et al.

Why you need a good Web App Development partner

The web is not just an information source anymore, it has become the means by which applications extend high-end computing power to the limits of data coverage.

Unlike traditional websites, where users actively searched for and then passively consumed static information, web apps empower users to perform substantial operational tasks over their connections. It means the user gets access to functionality beyond their system specifications because the actual computing does not take place locally, but the outcomes of those processes are still available to them. The effect is the same, the method is just more efficient. This amplification of a device’s usefulness is simply part of the increasing integration of the web into everyone’s daily lives.

Building a web application from scratch means innovating through pushing existing tools to do unprecedented things. On this sort of project, where the end goal is well established but the steps to get there are not, there is always a high degree of budget risk. The only way to mediate this is strong planning and project management.

Our expertise and track record is the reason people like you choose Hunted Hive to build turn-key web applications using up-to-the-minute knowledge on state-of-the-art technology.

Security is also vitally important in this field because your web app will send and receive huge amounts of valuable data. As your users will access your app with a diversity of devices running different operating systems, the scope for vulnerabilities is huge.

In the worst case scenario, a security breach can disable an organisation’s entire online presence permanently. The best case scenario when security is breached is still stark because once a system is compromised, it is often impossible for eradicate the issue with 100% certainty. Prevention is the cure.

The internet grew as a place to spread information. It will mature as a place to utilise computing resources to solve business logic. Hunted Hive is the web application developer who can take you there.

Choosing the right Development Agency

Our Services Include

Turn-key Web and Mobile Solutions

Turn-key Web Applications

Start to finish, we will be with you every step of the way. Your success is our success. From planning, development, testing, delivery and hosting to support and maintenance

Project Planning and Management

Project Planning and Management

we align our development skills with a comprehensive task, time and progress tracking framework. This technology roadmapping process model scope, schedule and cost. If you’re a startup needing advanced planning to underpin capital-raising, Hunted Hive can deliver it. Several of our clients have secured six-figure funding by backing their ideas with our roadmaps.

Web App Development Services

Web App Development Services

We have mastered a vast array of programming languages. If you already have your design team in place, we will be your expert development partners adding deep, real-world experience in responsive web, desktop, mobile and embedded development to your build.

Nate Smith - URX

"The future of mobile means a more intricately connected ecosystem of applications. The walled gardens will be torn down and roads and bridges between apps will be constructed."

Nate Smith, URX.com

What our process involves

A Design Centric Approach

Hunted Hive is a team of full-stack web application developers who use the latest tools, programming languages and platforms to bring your concepts to life.

  • Discover
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Build
  • Deliver
Hunted Hive Development Process

Our agile development team is responsive 24 hours a day to flexibly solve all anticipated and emergent challenges.

With Hunted Hive, the entire development process of your web application will be overseen by the strong vision of a senior leadership that has long experience in delivering success on everything from straightforward ecommerce portals for small businesses through to large, complex online projects for government and international corporations.

Throughout, our detailed roadmap, responsive communications and proactive reporting means you will understand exactly where your project is - and why - every step of the way.


Roger Chappel - Senior Project Manager

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Examples of the work we do

We offer a wide variety of expertise to create innovative platforms is areas such as:

  • Custom ecommerce stores
  • Complex matching platforms and peer-to-peer marketplaces
  • Payment solutions
  • Membership software
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions
  • Chatbots
  • Blockchain applications
  • Custom integrations between two or more services
  • Predictive analytics
  • Custom startup web and mobile applications
  • Internet of Things (IoT) applications

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Why choose us?

Uniqueness and quality

Hunted Hive’s technical skill, project management regime and track record mean you have certainty on how your project is going to progress from concept to a fully functional web application.

Throughout the process, our communication and project management practices mean that budget, scope, quality and schedule are all held in the optimum balance. This is crucial. There are many ways a technology development project can stray from the optimal path to success. Our proven technology roadmapping methodology keeps everything on track to minimise your risk towards achieving your goal and ours, because your satisfaction with the finished product is where our metric of success begins.


What our clients say

“I am particularly happy with Hunted Hive's design ideas, their identification of client needs and pro-activity in recognising potential issues and finding solutions to address these”

Julia Davies
Senior Research Officer at QUT (Queensland University of Technology) - STEM Connectors

"The team was accurate in their time estimates and reliable in delivering what they talked about. We'll be sure to use them again for future projects.

Dr Nick Kelly
Senior Research Fellow - TeachConnect

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William Foster - United States Marine

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

William A Foster, United States Marine


How much do we cost?

On the leading edge of deploying and leveraging the latest technology in your web apps, Hunted Hive is the web application development company to turn to when you need a great, innovative solution. We’re not set up for rapid turnaround of cookie-cutter apps - we’re highly trained engineers, we’re bespoke builders, we’re innovative problems solvers. Our streamlined technical processes and management practices will give you a high-end, high-quality product that is reliably delivered within an agreed budget and timeframe.

The reason we are able to do this is due to our rigorously tested forecasting and straightforward advice about how your expectations, your budget and your timeframe will interact. Development in the digital sector still obeys the golden rule of building something from scratch:

  • When you prioritise quality, then budget and timeframe must take a back seat.
  • When you prioritise speed, it impinges on quality and/or budget.

You can see the relationship between these interdependent variables in this diagram.

Quality, cost and schedule

Our home is the High Quality circle yet we always seek to reach the Ideal; however, getting there requires that absolutely nothing unpredictable occurs over the course of your project. Thus, we base our plans on the statistical reality that unforeseeable events will occur. Keeping your project on track through this ever-shifting balance is a task that requires development project managers who have true real-world experience.

It is why we choose not to work in the shallow end of the web application development pool.

Minimum entry for our services is USD5,000; however, all projects are carefully estimated according to the technical requirements, scope and features required. (We offer flexible arrangements, such as pay-per-month, depending on circumstances.)

Before we start your project, we will conduct a comprehensive Technology Roadmap. A valuable deliverable and considerable undertaking of itself, these roadmaps are the project management bibles for all our bespoke web and mobile application developments. They are compiled through intensively data-driven processes that build the scenario of success and achieves consensus among all stakeholders.

  • Every day, we build custom web applications for people like you.
  • Every day we get even better at it.
  • Make today the start of the journey that brings your ideas to life.


This is our forte, let us help

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