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Predict your Future using Past Data

Businesses like yours are already reaping first-mover advantage

Smart systems are finally delivering on their promise: computers and software that learn, anticipate and predict. Seamlessly evolving to become the new, essential core capacities of every visionary business. This is the future, and it is already happening in:

  • Social Network Systems
  • Recommendation Engines
  • Location Based Services
  • Vision Analysis
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Business Planning
  • Archiving Documentation
  • Monitoring Equipment
  • Analytics Intelligence
  • Security & Threat Prevention
  • Medical Science
  • Customer Retention
  • Risk Management
  • Mining & Construction

The 30,000-foot View

Machine learning pulls meaningful information from vast data sets - crunching numbers in a way far beyond human capabilities. When the machine finds a pattern and unlocks its mechanics, it can build a predictive model.
You've got the data, so what do you want to find out?

Real world results

Machine Learning: Real World and Right Now

Machine learning is a game changer, yet it's hard to grasp all the new opportunities that come from seeing deeper into data. The good news is machine learning is already in use around the world. Examples like these could revolutionise your business:

Customer Retention

Find More Customers, Retain Them for Life

You can now use all your CRM data points to get actionable insights into which current customers will stay with you for the next quarter, the next year or for life.

When you understand your existing customer base, you can forecast where new customers will come from. You'll be able to remove the operational risks in launching campaigns to reach, engage and keep new segments.

Risk of Creidt Default

Predict Customer Credit Defaults

Early detection prevents bigger problems. For example, credit distress has many subtle signs that can be missed until it's too late. Machine learning can accurately rank credit risks from predictions based on key customer-behaviour data. It's a powerful tool to judge if a customer will default on an outstanding account.

These more accurate evaluations mean lower business risks for issuers of credit and more credit options available to customers who are more accurately understood.

Ideal Price Point

Find the Ideal Price for your Product

If you're charging too much, you're losing sales. If you're charging too little, you're losing profit on each sale. Machine learning can find you that perfect balance – customer-by-customer and in real time.

Say an insurer needs dynamic conversion rate modelling to determine which quoted price will lead to purchase – yet every customer is different. Using an anonymised database of previous customer information and sales response, a machine learning model can return the best price for each individual customer's circumstances.

Sales Prediction

Know how Product Features interact with Product Sales

Machine learning can build a model to predict monthly online sales of a product with a hypothetical set of features. For example, imagine a set of modular online self-help programs.

Being modular means when you understand a customer's needs, you can predictively tailor a set of modules to match those insights and lead them to repeat purchase.

Medical Applications

Making Better Medical diagnoses

Every human is unique, meaning diagnosis is part art and part science – 'textbook cases' are less common than most think. Machine learning can examine diagnostics and medical history at a deeper level to give doctors a powerful new tool making the most important decisions in their patient's lives.

Machine learning can mean earlier diagnosis of, for example, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease and could even predict the statistically based guidelines of each year's global diagnosis codes.

Machine learning technology has vast potential. It can be used to resolve your current issues, or it can open new opportunities.

Hunted Hive can build your solutions or we can lead blue-sky brainstorming sessions to uncover new ideas.

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"Doctors can be replaced by software - 80% of them can. I’d much rather have a good machine learning system diagnose my disease than the median or average doctor"

Vinod Khosala, Sun Microsystems Founder

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The 1000-foot view

How machine learning can solve your data problems.

You'll be surprised to find out how machine learning can benefit you.

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"The goal of machine learning is to build computer systems that can adapt and learn from their experience."

Tom Dietterich, Professor of Computer Science, Oregon State University

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Machine learning engagement and development process

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