Choosing the right Branding and
Graphic Design Agency

Choosing the right Branding and Graphic Design Agency

Finding the right digital branding and graphic design agency to trust with your business reputation is a challenge, and one worth taking seriously.

At Hunted Hive, we understand your branding must be on point the first time a customer sees it, and the next time, and every time.

People partner with us because we build brand identities that their users trust. We provide the catalyst for a human-centric relationship between your brand and its customers. Get it right and your brand experience becomes a key asset in your business success.

Francesca Simonds - FontShop Founder

"User Centred Design is the overarching framework of processes that integrates a broad set of practices around understanding the needs, wants, and limitations of end users. It can improve strategic decision-making as well as increase the effectiveness of individual programs and services."

Francesca Simonds, Founder of FontShop International

Our Services

As a flexible, problem-solving digital agency with advanced skills in branding and graphic design, Hunted Hive offers a range of services - each targeted at distinct facets of your business’s persona and your customers’ journey as they engage with you.



  • Brand strategy: We will consult with you to explore brand context, value proposition, brand positioning, brand architecture, brand differences and a mood board.
  • Brand naming: If your business or project does not yet have one, we can develop a distinctive and appropriate name, tagline and slogan to give it a strong and recognisable identity.
  • Logo design and brand identity: Your brand’s identity must be perceived to be in line with your brand’s name. We will guide you through symbol exploration, colour scheme, typography, logo design and imagery.
  • Art direction: Once your visual assets and themes are in place, they must now come to life to illustrate what your business is doing.
  • Brand essence and key messaging: Once you know what to say and who to say it to, you must define how to say it. We can identify the right language, tone of voice, terminology and topics that will express your unique value and relevance to users.
  • Style guide: Together, we will outline and encode a ‘rulebook’ of how your graphic elements, visual assets and layout should be implemented across every deliverable and platform. Whenever you speak, act or participate, every participant will recognise who you are and perceive what your brand stands for.
  • Brand guidelines: Where the style guide covers how your message will be perceived when it acts, your brand guideline governs what it should do and be associated with. We will help you develop plans and standards for staying on-brand.

User Experience Design (UX)

User Experience is a powerful, wide-ranging and evolving field that builds a frame for how the interaction people have with your brand or service aligns with your goals. Hunted Hive is enthusiastic about UX design and will guide you through the principles of delivering value via this holistic methodology. It begins with creating UX wireframes to describe the functionality of each part of a website or system and then looks at how user goals align with how they perceive and interact with that functionality. These basic and unbranded visual representations of the user interface are then placed in Invision, our online prototyping tool. This tool allows us to collaborate with you to test the concept and determine its feasibility. Invision gives your whole team access to the wireframes so they can comment on specific screens and elements in real time - supercharging the feedback and user-testing cycles. We can have a basic interactive prototype working in weeks, not months.

User Interface Design

User Interface Design (UI)

The User Interface (UI) mockups are created based on the User Experience (UX) wireframes and placed in Invision. These mockups include the branding and design elements for your product/company. What you will now see is exactly how the system will look and feel. If it’s completed during the roadmap phase, this step will streamline the development once the roadmap is completed. These ‘high fidelity’ mockups are useful in obtaining additional project funding because potential investors no longer have to imagine a product from your briefing and prospectus, they can now experience how the completed project will look and function.

Print Design

Design for Print

Even with massive advancements in technology, we still live in a hybrid world. Digital alongside analogue; software alongside hardware. So, as well as pushing information technology to its limit, we are also masters of traditional information technology: ink on paper.

Hunted Hive’s creative content producers can:

  • Design and write all of your printed material, including business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, advertising collateral, letterheads and annual reports
  • Advise you on the print production process
  • Work with printers to advise on the print media and techniques that will achieve the desired result.

Web Design

Web Design

In line with Hunted Hive’s sheer technical ability to create websites, build ecommerce stores and implement responsive practices across any platform, we will also give you leading service and advice on:

  • layout
  • graphics
  • content
  • navigation
  • animation
  • cross-browser compatibility
  • web-based technologies (e.g. bootstrap)
  • interaction
  • best practice.

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Social Media Design

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and more, every social media platform has its own rules, user base and parameters. Choosing the right one for your brand and then getting the best from your social media campaign requires advanced insider knowledge. Every day, Hunted Hive is active in the social media space, creating engaging and shareable content for our clients.

Our skills range across pure creativity and into the deeply technical, we:

  • Design banners and profile images that align with your branding
  • Have the audience insight to curate engaging content and develop advertising campaigns that leverage best practices to provide outstanding results
  • Implement the technical skills to create posts optimised to work hand in glove with the specific back-end technical requirements for each platform which most people are unaware of, such as open graph markup.

Human Centric Design

Service Design and Human Centered Design

We unify all these services through a focus on the people who need value from a product and thus transfer that value to you. Who are these people? Your users. This development ideal can be summed up in the mutual concepts of Service Design and Human Centered Design. While UX and UI figure prominently in this concept, it encapsulates so much more.

It is a powerful idea that can be likened to a digital services equivalent of integrated marketing communications. In that older concept, every time a customer was exposed to a brand - wherever and whenever that occurred - the message was crafted to reinforce the brand’s larger identity. In digital development, a similar concept applies in that every time a user interacts with a company’s product, people, digital presence, designs or services, it forms part of an overall human experience.

Because it is so holistic, Human Centered Design completely flattens hierarchies and bridges silos. Many businesses have significant challenges even conceptualising it, let alone enacting it. But it is so powerful that they must. We work in this space every day and will guide you through the far-reaching implications of putting the user’s heart and mind at the centre of everything your development project must be and do.

Aaron Wall - Search Engine Optimisation Expert

"The success of a page should be measured by one criteria: Does the visitor do what you want them to do?"

Aaron Wall, Search Engine Land Author

Our Process

A Design-Centric Approach

We take a design and human-centric approach when approaching your design project. Your engagement with us is a journey in which we establish integrity and trust in our communications. You will be beside us at each step in the process.

Hunted Hive Design Process
Bec Todd - Senior Designer

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Examples of the branding work we do

A proven track record

TeachConnect - Small Logo Package

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Hunted Hive - TeachConnect Branding Example

TeachConnect is a free service for Queensland teachers. The online platform allows pre-service, long-serving teachers to share their experiences and knowledge with each other. It also helps university graduates transition into the teaching community.

The Hunted Hive created a friendly and social brand package for TeachConnect. Part of the challenge was to remove 'fluff' from the online platform so it could better portray the project as 'teacher-owned'.

Three initial concepts were presented and the selected logo was refined to create a clean aesthetic that still retained the fun elements of learning but portrayed wisdom and maintained professionalism. The owl was used to symbolise knowledge and education with the body of the owl representing a speech bubble indicating the transfer of knowledge via the TeachConnect online system.

Pocket Earth - Small Logo Package (Brand Refresh)

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Hunted Hive - Pocket Earth Branding Example

The Hunted Hive completed a brand refresh for Pocket Earth, a mobile application providing maps and travel guides to travellers when they are offline - a process that eliminates the need for a mobile connection. The aim of the brand refresh was to freshen up Pocket Earth’s image and increase engagement with the online community. This was achieved by flattening the colour scheme and using a more modern font which portrayed a fun and friendly image. The symbology of a pocket was also introduced to reiterate the fact that you can easily access the offline maps wherever you are.

In order to maintain brand recognition, Pocket Earth requested that the branding retain some of the aspects of the original logo such as colour and the display of a global map. The new logo also needed to work as an app icon in terms of readability, with one of the requirements being that it must stand out against competitors in the app store. A bright focal point of the map indicator containing a star symbol was added to draw attention and lead the viewer's eye down to the name of the app.

Tumaker - Premium Branding Package

Hunted Hive - Tumaker Branding Example

Tumaker ‘s goal is to manufacture and sell easy to use 3D printers which use a holistic platform with a very intuitive user interface containing a marketplace of products and a sharing platform. In order to develop this brand, the Hunted Hive devised a detailed brand strategy that is appealing to the mass market.

The brand needed to be appealing to DIY users and gadget lovers with a particular focus on kids, teens and families. The Hunted Hive created a value proposition for Tumaker defining that the brand needed to be creative, empowered, free and clever. Tumaker empowers users by giving them the freedom to effortlessly materialise objects from brands they love or, indeed, anything they can imagine.

The logo which has been developed portrays an accessible, simple, easy and fun brand by using vibrant colours to give it dynamism. The focus of the logo has been placed on the ’TU’ symbol (’you’ in Spanish) as the essence of the brand is what YOU can do with what YOU make.

View additional logos and branding packages developed by the Hunted Hive design team
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Why choose us?

Quality and Professionalism

If you are an existing business or a startup looking for digital branding and graphic design agency, you will already see our work is unparalleled in quality and professionalism. There are millions if not billions of website out there, your project's success hinges on uniqueness and quality. Among those millions, the best stand out. With Hunted Hive, you will.

Neville Brody - Design Expert

"Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries."

Neville Brody, Founder of FontShop International

What our clients say

"The website looks terrific and very professional, and I've gotten lots of accolades about it. In conjunction with the gorgeous packaging, my product stands up to any established brand now. The website is a key component of that."

Jason Cohen
Director - Flower Pot Tea Company

"The Hunted Hive did a great job providing the branding, design and user interface (UI design) for our statewide website for teachers. I was particularly impressed by their design approach."

Dr Nick Kelly
Senior Research Fellow - TeachConnect

"I have been working with Nathan and Hunted Hive for the past one and a half years and can easily recommend them. They have been quite professional and reliable in providing us with a number of services."

Abe Heckenbach
Founder and Developer - GeoMagik

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