Choosing the right Development Service provider

Choosing the right Development Agency

Building a new web or mobile application from the ground up means doing things that have never been tried before. Custom Development success means navigating between practical know-how and blue-sky originality.

To find success, you must partner with a developer that has the conceptual nous, technical ability and tight project management regime to keep your project on track, on time and on budget.

Hunted Hive is that developer.

Every step of the way, from concepting and wireframes right through to a the final product, we can give you the confidence that your vision is visibly and palpably becoming real.

See our guide on Why Hire a Web Development Company VS. a Freelancer for more useful information on why only a agency can give your this assurance. It’s the reason why people like you partner with the Hunted Hive Digital Solutions team to build turn-key websites on state-of the art technology. Your Hunted Hive site will:

  • inspire your customers to take action
  • provide a catalyst for human-centric user-provider relationship
  • encourage business growth between your brand and the community.
Rony Abovitz - Magic Leap

"We want the digital world to bend to your physical life, your real emotional life as a person, and we don't want you to bend to computers."

Rony Abovitz, CEO of Magic Leap

Our Services

Turn-key Web and Mobile Solutions

Turn-key Web and Mobile Solutions

Hunted Hive is a development agency that believes in the effectiveness of a systematic approach, the power of creative design and the capability, flexibility and freedom that only bespoke development can deliver. We can effectively employ an agile scrum mentality because our philosophy of in-house excellence underpins every stage of your project. The result? Digital development results that truly match your vision.

Project Planning and Management

Project Planning and Management

Our technology roadmaps are more than just planning documents. They are considerable undertakings that start with agreed metrics of success and then reverse engineer the precise sequence of tasks and subtasks that build a concrete scenario of how your current status will meet that goal. With a forecast so detailed, it allows our experienced senior project managers to anticipate and forestall issues before they develop into problems. These have been used to raise seed funds of up to 500,000 Euro.

Custom Design of your Icons, Brand, Web and Media

Custom Design of your Icons, Brand, Web and Media

Our design process is based on in-depth consultation with you to explore and refine your ideas into a cohesive vision. The result will be a set of visual communication assets that uniquely illustrate, inform and embellish your brand identity. For every one of your different channels - from your social media avatar to your business cards - we can distill and reformat this identity into a single clear statement.

Custom Development

Custom Development

We have mastered a vast array of programming languages. If you already have your design team in place, we will be your expert development partners adding deep, real-world experience in responsive web, desktop, mobile and embedded development to your build.

If you are starting with just ambition and a concept, we can become your technology development consultants who will inform your expectations and counsel you on how certain development you make today will affect the course of your project tomorrow. Virtually no digital development project ends when the minimum viable product (MVP) is delivered: emphasis simply shifts to maintenance, uptime and security. When the build is over, Hunted Hive will not leave you in the lurch - we'll help you through this taxing transition from development to operations.

Nate Smith - URX

"The future of mobile means a more intricately connected ecosystem of applications. The walled gardens will be torn down and roads and bridges between apps will be constructed."

Nate Smith,

What our process involves

A Design Centric Approach

We take a design and human-centric approach when working on your bespoke web project. Your engagement with us is a journey of which we establish trust in our communication while you are beside us each step in the process, and can be involved as much as you wish.

Hunted Hive Development Process

Always available, our global development team is responsive 24 hours a day. Our agile development team uses a scrum-style mentality to flexibly solve the anticipated and emergent issues of every project in a cohesive manner.

This entire process is overseen by the strong vision of a senior leadership that has long experience in delivery success on everything from straightforward ecommerce sites for small businesses through to large, complex builds for government and international corporations.

Throughout, our proactive communications and reporting means you will understand exactly where your project is - and why - at every stage.

Roger Chappel - Senior Project Manager

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Examples of the work we do

We offer a wide variety of expertise, creating innovative platforms in areas such as:

  • Custom Ecommerce Stores
  • Complex matching platforms and peer-to-peer marketplaces
  • Payment solutions
  • Membership Software
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Chat Bots
  • Blockchain applications
  • Custom integrations between two or more services
  • Predictive analytics
  • Custom startup web and mobile applications
  • Mobile applications

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Why choose us?

Uniqueness and quality

There are billions of websites on the internet already. Uniqueness and quality will define your project’s success.

Whether you’re starting with a great idea or you already have a website or digital tool you want to extend with new functionality, you can rely on Hunted Hive’s expertise, flexibility and reliability.

Word is spreading about our track record of delivering unparalleled quality and professionalism for projects like yours and doing it on time and on budget. Why?

The custom web development industry is full of suboptimal endproducts. It’s not because of any lack of skill or misrepresentation, but simply because other developers routinely underestimate the project management task.

This is where Hunted Hive truly stands out. We stake our reputation on finding out exactly what you want, expertly building the scenario of how it will be delivered, and then working through until you are 100 percent satisfied.

What our clients say

“I am particularly happy with Hunted Hive's design ideas, their identification of client needs and pro-activity in recognising potential issues and finding solutions to address these”

Julia Davies
Senior Research Officer at QUT (Queensland University of Technology) - STEM Connectors

"The team was accurate in their time estimates and reliable in delivering what they talked about. We'll be sure to use them again for future projects.

Dr Nick Kelly
Senior Research Fellow - TeachConnect

"I have been working with Nathan and Hunted Hive for the past one and a half years and can easily recommend them. They have been quite professional and reliable in providing us with a number of services."

Abe Heckenbach
Founder and Developer - GeoMagik

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William Foster - United States Marine

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

William A Foster, United States Marine

How much do we cost?

HuntedHive is on the leading edge of using the latest technology in your applications. We offer streamlined processes and practices that result in a high-end, high-quality product delivered within the agreed timeframe. We can do this because we offer you realistic forecasting about the interaction between your expectations, your budget and your timeframe.

Quality, cost and schedule

If you want a quality outcome, there is a trade-off between costs and schedule. If you want speed, there is a trade-off in quality or budget. Mapping the dynamic relationship between these variables from an expert technical perspective is something only experienced development project managers with a track record of real-world results can do.

The minimum entry for our services is USD10,000; however, the development price depends on scope and features. (We also offer flexible arrangements such as pay-per-month depending on circumstances.) Before we start any project, we conduct a comprehensive scoping exercise called a Technology Roadmap - a valuable product of itself, it is an essential part of any bespoke web and mobile application development. This data-driven process achieves consensus among all stakeholders on scope, price and schedule.

  • Every day, we build custom web and mobile developments for people like you.
  • Every day we get even better at it.
  • Make today the start of the journey that brings your ideas to life.

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