A leader in B2B performance marketing, Wheelhouse focuses on accelerating marketing performance by providing the best B2B demand generation platform. The company supports a number of technology-focused B2B industries including enterprise software, business communications, cloud infrastructure, and business intelligence.

How We Delivered Value

The Hunted Hive created a logo for one of their brands and made multiple pop-up graphical user interfaces for Wheelhouse to gather details about users.  

We created two versions of a pop-up design with three click-through screens. As the pop-ups were created for marketing purposes, we designed the project to fit in graphically across multiple sites and online environments. This design also included a ‘call to action’ that stood out to maximise conversion rates. 

The Hunted Hive provided advice and suggestions, implementing a strategy that improved user flow and providing alternate options for AB testing.

Our Role

  • Creating multiple pop-ups used on external sites for marketing purposes.
  • Conducting a user experience audit (UX audit) and redesigned responsive pop-ups graphical user interfaces.
  • Selecting appropriate graphics, fonts, and colours to maintain branding consistency and integrity for the website.
  • Implementing the popups
  • Delivering final code within tight deadlines.
  • Logo creation and brand development.

“Hunted Hive really helped us elevate many aspects of our front end and user experience. They always listened carefully to our needs, which are pretty specific to demand generation, and gave us ideas that spanned from ‘safe’ to ‘pushing boundaries’. The guys were responsive and the collaboration on InVision was very productive. We felt the logo they created for us addressed all of our goals and showed off subtle but memorable features that help make a brand recognizable (much credit to Bec). Hope we can work together again!"
- Shone Tran, Director of Media, Wheelhouse.