What is CNXION?

CNXION is easily configurable online software that creates ‘matching’ solutions for any type of application domain in which there are two parties, an ‘offerer’ and a ‘demander’.

WEARECNXION is a service that develops solutions for specific horizontals using mostly reusable components and a proven technology stack.

Who created CNXION?

Hunted Hive Pty Ltd, a boutique design firm and ideas lab based in Brisbane, founded CNXION after identifying a pattern in the types of applications they were being asked to develop. Many of the custom solutions they were being asked to build involved matching two parties together over an offer, using a pleasant user interface combined with a custom business login.

Who currently uses CNXION?

  1. Tender Healthcare: An innovative platform that seeks to optimise medical resources by allowing providers to find patients with cases of interest to them, and, patients access to affordable healthcare.
  2. STEM for QUT: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education for Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The STEM network aims to connect professionals with teachers in specific fields to cultivate parallels between education and industry.
  3. Travel Buddy: A proof of concept funded by Hunted Hive. Travel Buddy matches travellers with activities happening around them.  There is no limitation on the number of horizontals that CNXION could internally create apps for.

How do you license CNXION?

Various commercialisation models exist for CNXION. In regards to licensing some interesting options are:

  1. SaaS - setup fee + monthly licence fee for using the platform. All data resides with CNXION.
  2. Self-hosted - setup fee + one-time fee. Self-managed. CNXION has no access to data. Updates provided as requested for a negotiated fee.
  3. Partnerships - revenue or equity share if a market or idea seems particularly interesting. For example, a party with access to a large market that could easily market the product of particular interest.

The first model allows for ongoing income, and the possibility to sell data. The second option is useful in securing payments for funding the initial development of the platform.

Why partner with CNXION?

The Hunted Hive is looking for partners to provide resources for commercialising CNXION and taking it to the next level. Help with legal, intellectual property and marketing resources would be crucial to meet demands on CNXION and expand the platform’s potential. With the right resources in place, CNXION hopes to double users within the next 12 to 24 months. This would provide investors with unique access to a number of horizontal markets and startup companies.

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What problem does CNXION solve?

Two party matching platforms have a chicken and egg problem.

Building custom software can be very expensive and risk hidden fees. Hiring a third-party development firm who has not worked on, or, have not experienced building this type of application could be costly. Designs that have not been well planned or considered can lead to extremely expensive and slow systems that won’t perform as desired. The software may even contain ad hoc solutions tacked on to the side.

CNXION is a system that has already been developed and tested, which can be easily adapted. We decided to massively reduce development risks by building solid matching platform that can be customised for specific application domains. Doing this removes the technical risk, allowing clients to focus on getting the solution to their markets. CNXION has been well received and we have gained positive feedback from our client’s first impressions.

Why use CNXION?

The primary advantages of using CNXION include:

  1. The platform lowers the risk of building bespoke applications from scratch. CNXION uses a finely tuned frontend and backend, which is secure, robust and tested.
  2. There is no need to start from scratch. CNXION’s specialised team translates your ideas into a real network, making connections within manageable time frames.
  3. CNXION takes care of sophisticated technology and algorithms for you, leaving you free to nurture and engage with your market.
  4. CNXION provides hassle-free hosting as networks are deployed using the platform’s 99.9% uptime servers.
  5. After the network goes live, CNXION handles security, support and maintenance to ensure the ongoing integrity of your network.

All of these elements equate to a network that provides quick, high-value connections between market end-points. This gives the user an efficient tailor-made journey and leaving them satisfied, and likely to return to the platform.

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