STEM Connectors

STEM Connectors is a Queensland University of Technology (QUT) initiative and is an innovative online platform that facilitates connections between teachers and experts. The responsive website was designed to enrich the knowledge transfer between students and teachers by exploring real-world experience presented by experts via a Skype call. Using STEM Connectors website, teachers can access a range of experts and various disciplines, they can search by subject content or elaboration.

Beginning with an initial two-page document, Hunted Hive provided a turnkey package that included developing a roadmap, executing and seeing the project through to production. STEM Connectors was developed on the CNXION platform.

The CNXION Platform

The CNXION platform is a white-label matching platform that Hunted Hive has developed which allows you to connect with people, objects or activities that you are looking for. CNXION allowed STEM Connectors to develop a bespoke matching service in a fraction of the time of building one from scratch, and with much less financial risk.

How we Delivered Value

Hunted Hive created a responsive website design that is adaptable, easy to use and visually beautiful on smartphones, tablets, laptops and personal computers. Our in-house graphics and web designers gave the STEM Connectors website a professional appearance adding to its reputation as a trusted connection network.

Our Role

  • Providing technical strategy and execution.
  • Building the right product by creating the right user experience design (UX design).
  • Building a responsive website design using Django Framework.
  • Providing quicker development time and value with the CNXION platform
  • Using Python RESTful API to support communications with the frontend client interface of the website.
  • Creating a multi-user interaction system.
  • Developing a custom content management system solution (CMS) for the responsive website.
  • Developing the supporting backend systems.
  • Creating graphics and web design for the website.
  • Creating clean UI design for the website.
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