Pocket Earth

Known as the ‘traveller’s best friend,’ GeoMagik LLC’s ‘Pocket Earth’ is the best offline map application available which provides travel guides and maps of cities, countries and the world.  

Unlike other mobile navigation applications, Pocket Earth does not require the constant use of an Internet connection to operate. Instead, the creators behind the application used some very clever techniques to compress and package maps into incredibly small sizes. In doing this, the application provides maps and travel guides to travellers when they are offline - a process that eliminates the need for a mobile connection.

How We Delivered Value

Over the course of the project, the Hunted Hive dramatically increased Pocket Earth’s online community. This created a strong and visible online presence that increased the connection with the product’s target audience to empower the business. A social sharing feature was added to the offline mapping mobile application to increase engagement within the online community.

Increased sales are extremely important for any mobile application. To address this, the Hunted Hive crafted a series of AB tests using iTunes focused experiments to reproduce the buying process consumers’ experience. Different variations of marketing elements were tested to gain a deeper understanding of customers and achieve the best conversion rates. We redesigned the overall branding to a professional aesthetic, which was on trend and stood out in the Apple App store.

By auditing and redesigning Pocket Earth’s user experience (UX) process, the Hunted Hive improved usability and achieved an 80% drop in customer service requests. 

We also improved the process flow and management, which greatly reduced the workload on GeoMagik’s small core team. Furthermore, the development and optimization of key performance indicators (KPI’s) based reports were used to help keep goals on and above target.


“I love this technology!"  
- Natali Morris, Tech Reporter, NBC's Today Show  

Editor's Pick Best Offline Map App  
- thedigitaltrekker.com  

"The best travel app in the world. Don't leave home without it!"  
- bonvoyageurs.com  

"Very impressive app with unmatched features."  
- toptenreviews.com

Our Role

  • Auditing and redesigning the user experience (UX) process to enhance satisfaction between the user and offline map application. 
  • Conducting AB testing.
  • Providing backend implementation to power the application’s level features, using a complex API service.
  • Server deployment, operation and maintenance.
  • Designing and implementing a responsive website with new branding and improved content. 
  • Creating online content.
  • Increasing branding presence.
  • Increasing the product’s online presence and community engagement. 
  • Increasing online audience participation through targeted advertising.
  • Developing highly effective social media strategies to increase market value.
  • Producing promotional and tutorial video content.
  • Providing ongoing optimisation and business development consulting.
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