Imagine having the ultimate healthy food guide, uniquely tailored to your ethical values and needs, available at your fingertips! Still in development, Noshly aims to improve everyone’s access to information concerning nutritional, ethical and sustainable nature of grocery purchases. Once released, Noshly will be a quick and easy to use mobile application that will help people choose groceries made by companies who care about consumers and the planet.

Many existing solutions required too much effort from consumers and assumed educating or informing users was enough to change their buying behaviours. We wanted to create a solution where sourcing information about ethical food was so easy that it became habit, or default choice, for users and consumers. The Noshly mobile application has been designed to be uplifting and fun, but still operate as a respectable source of information.

How We Delivered Value

At Hunted Hive Digital Studio we deliver immense value to startup companies because we have gone through the process ourselves.

From bootstrapping Noshly in Asia to having a dedicated team and funding, we understand the challenges of constrained startup environments. We think of creative solutions for funding, allowing for successive product refinement to ensure a good market fit (There is nothing worse than building the wrong product!).

The team at Hunted Hive excels in translating ideas into requirements and visual mockups that allow thorough user testing and subsequent refinements to meet the needs of key markets in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Some of our key team members travel to and carry out user testing in these markets.

The team defines and executes a two-pronged business strategy focusing on: building social platforms and online presence, and simultaneously refining and developing the cornerstone product. Due to the challenges obtaining data, the development of a cornerstone product requires the execution of several planned pivots before the final solution can be released. The Hunted Hive developed this strategy and is in the final phases of executing it.

Our Role

As this beauty is our in-house long-term labour of love we have been responsible for the entire venture, from inception to completion – and everything in-between.

This process has included:

  • Managing the project.
  • Overseeing business development.
  • Designing the mobile application.
  • UX and UI Design of the mobile application.
  • Developing the backend systems of the mobile application.
  • Creating content for the application and responsive website.
  • Researching and entering data for the application
  • Building a responsive website design using Django Framework.
  • Using Python RESTful API to support communications with the frontend client interface of the website.
  • Adding a full-text ‘Elastic Search’ feature.
  • Including a PostgreSQL database management system into the application.
“We wanted to develop a solution that solves a real world problem, without prematurely focusing on business objectives.” - Founder, Nathan Keilar, Noshly.
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