Codename HEAP: High-end Entertainment and Automation Product

Governed by a strict non-disclosure agreement, the High-end Entertainment and Automation Product (HEAP) delivered a premium media service for an accommodation and travel provider. HEAP integrates the libraries and channels of selected media companies and services while also integrating home-automation functionality. It is pitched at the elite luxury end of the market.

Before Hunted Hive’s involvement, HEAP’s development was at a standstill: stuck in the classic progress valley between prototype and minimum viable product (MVP). Hunted Hive was called in to resolve the as-yet intractable technical problems and, following that, prepare the system for market testing.

While the business pathway to production was already well defined, Hunted Hive found the HEAP needed a complete redesign and rebuild from back-end to front-end. It was a task our team - with its deep User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) skills - was well matched for.

The Hunted Hive team achieved a result that truly reflected the expectations of the ultra-luxury market identified in the project brief, delighting the client.

How we delivered value

Hunted Hive took over the HEAP after initial work had stalled. Evaluating the work completed against the results the client needed, we greatly expanded the product through introducing quality management processes for both the business and software development aspects.

Hunted Hive also introduced Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes. This was all groundwork for preparing a new version of the HEAP that could be demonstrated live for the principal client - a successful and discerning business person.

The client internalised Hunted Hive’s process innovations with their own core team to closely manage development long after our involvement ceased.

Our Role

Our role

  • Redesigning the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) to match the high expectations of the user base
  • Redesigning the application, both the front end and back end, to deliver the necessary technical capability
  • Testing all functions and integrations
  • Building all media search functions across movies, video, TV and audio in multiple languages
  • Managing the software development process and quality assurance systems
  • Implementing Continuous Delivery processes
  • System architecture to include configuration and integration of scalable components suitable for production environments
  • In-person delivery in the Middle East.
An integrated media and automation system, similar to netflix or plex, with the addition of automation
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