GeoMagik specialises in high-performance geoinformation systems that utilise community driven open data sources. They develop the most advanced geographic technology around from the ground up. Some of GeoMagik’s developments include the following:

Compact Vector Data

GeoMagik’s proprietary vector map format is the most compact and efficient in the industry. It leverages a number of innovative design elements for extremely quick loading and tiny in-memory representation while retaining flexibility.

Geographic Precision

GeoMagik has created support for variable precision coordinates down to sub-centimetre accuracy for pixel perfect map display, at any map scale.

Data Sources

GeoMagik created powerful in-house tools for data management and processing to handle open street map and proprietary data sources with ease. 

Vector Map Rendering

The MagikMap Rendering Engine is one of the fastest high-quality vector map engines around. Based on OpenGL ES, it can run efficiently on a range of mobile devices and engineered to minimize battery drain.

Geographic Research

GeoMagik’s framework quickly accesses and searches massive amounts of map data. 

Geocoding & Routing

The GeoServices Engine efficiently performs offline routing, geocoding and reverse geocoding on mobile platforms.

How We Delivered Value

The Hunted Hive provided backend development and other services on a number of GeoMagik’s products. 

We were responsible for the marketing and communications budget, reviewing finances and pricing trends for GeoMagik’s flagship product ‘Pocket Earth’ offline mapping and travel guide mobile application. 

The Hunted Hive improved the viral loop of Pocket Earth, which included building a backend to tracks awards. We brokered a deal with a company who specialises in detailed offline mapping products to move from traditional hardware-based GPS, packing proprietary into a compact form for mobile distribution. We advised GeoMagik about splitting up the application to provide one free lite version (with in-application purchases) and another full priced application. We also provided advice on various pricing modules for in-application purchases. The team on boarded key marketing expertise for GeoMagik, to help meet an identified ‘gap’ in their skill set. 

Our Role

  • Creating a company logo and building a brand to represent the company and what the company do.
  • Building a responsive WordPress website using a design that showcases the company’s products.
  • Providing ongoing help with technical support.
  • Managing business development for GeoMagik’s offline mapping and travel guide application ‘Pocket Earth.’ 
  • Generating business leads.
  • Seeking business opportunities to increase development and growth.
  • Providing business strategy and recommendations.
  • Providing third-party integrations. 
  • Providing advice for roadmapping GeoMagik’s products.
  • Closing leads on business deals. 
“I have been working with Nathan and Hunted Hive for the past one and a half years and can easily recommend them. They have been quite professional and reliable in providing us with a number of services.” - Abe Heckenbach, Founder and Developer, GeoMagik
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