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Top Secret - Machine Learning Project

An Machine Learning Event Prediction Framework

More and more people are beginning to comprehend the opportunities that exist with machine learning and Artificial intelligence.

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A ‘white label service’ that will allow you to connect with people, objects and activities that you are looking for.

CNXION is easily configurable online software that creates ‘matching’ solutions for any type of application domain in which there are two parties, an ‘offerer’ and a ‘demander’.

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Tender Healthcare

The health care version of online dating

Tender Healthcare is an innovative platform that seeks to optimise medical resources by allowing: providers to find patients with cases of interest to them, and patients access to affordable healthcare.

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Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetic

Australian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics

AADFA is a leading professional member based association of dentists focused on better aesthetic outcomes and therapeutic treatments.

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The Swarm

Brisbane based coworking space

Located only minutes from the CBD in the heart of Brisbane’s West End.

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high performance offline map solutions

GeoMagik specializes in high performance geoinformation systems utilizing community driven open data sources.

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Pocket Earth

Offline maps and travel guides

Known as the ‘traveller’s best friend,’ GeoMagik LLC’s ‘Pocket Earth’ is the best offline map application available which provides travel guides and maps of cities, countries and the world.

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TeachConnect is a free service for Queensland teachers. The online platform allows pre-service, current and experienced teachers to share their experiences and knowledge with each other. It also helps University graduates transition into the teaching community.

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STEM Connectors

STEM Connectors facilitates connections between teachers and experts. Powered by CNXION.

STEM Connectiors was designed to enrich the knowledge transfer between students and teachers by exploring real world experience presented by experts via a skype call.

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Wheelhouse focuses on accelerating marketing performance by providing the best B2B demand generation platform. The company supports a number of technology focused B2B industries including enterprise software, business communications, cloud infrastructure, and business intelligence.

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Online Additive Database and Mobile App

Noshly is creating a quick and easy way to help you choose good groceries made by companies that care about people AND the planet

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