Search Engine Optimisation

Organic Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of improving a website’s organic ranking in search engine results. The aim of SEO is to obtain high rankings for as many targeted keywords as possible. Keyword phrases are chosen so a website can be found by the target market in a search engine.

Keywords should have high search volumes with low competition. They should closely align with the actual services the website provides. The website should also have quality content that is updated regularly, without ‘keyword stuffing.’

Within the broader process of SEO, there are two main parts. These are:

1. On-Site Optimisation
On-Site Optimisation is the process of having all of the content that is actually on the page focused around the site’s overall message. This involves optimising a website’s pages, HTML code, written copy and text content, and images.

2. Off-Site Optimisation
Off-Site Optimisation is the overall online presence of a website. The process of building links that direct traffic back to your website using target keywords can increase off-site optimization. The “presence" of a website comes down to how many other "popular" websites link back to it.

Another process is to generate user engagement with an active social media presence.